Lahmacun Delicious Turkish Pizza That Will Make Tempt Your Appetite

Also known as Turkish pizza. The shape is similar to a pizza with a very thin bread. Topping the form of minced meat, usually of beef or goat. In my area, lahmacun sold at a price that is very friendly, very far below the brother of Italy. One sheet lahmacun usually appreciated 1.5 TL, with a wide enough size. The hardest part when making lahmacun is making bread as thin as possible. First made, I can not make the dough into thin. The second time, I just could grind the dough as thin as possible.

The trick? During grinding, the dough also should be while playing. So, minced 2-3 motion, turn the dough a few degrees (not 90 degrees yes), milled again with a 2-3 motion, turn the dough again, and so on until the dough reaches the thinness (ie thickness) desired. In this way, the batter will be thin evenly and perfectly round. Normally, I use the right hand to operate the rolling pin, and his left hand to rotate the dough. Do not need to be pressed hard. And another thing, when the grind, the load pressure (hand) is on one side (the left), but rolling pin still reach the right. Thus, the position of the hands that operate rolling pin is on the left, not the middle. Do not forget to sprinkle the dough with a work desk and flour to prevent sticking and can be twisted around easily. This is my experience and my way. Please select the way you think is most comfortable and convenient, which is important final destination is reached, lahmacun with bread round and thin one.

Turkish special dish for breakfast Menemen

The breakfast menu in Turkey usually consists of cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, fruit or honey served on kaymak. Kaymak is soft textured dairy products made from milk buffaloes and cows. Kaymak Mother's milk contains a high, very soft and rich flavor. Other special menu is menemen, which is a kind of typical Turkish scrambled eggs, a mixture of roasted tomatoes, peppers, olive oil and eggs cooked together. The menu is usually served with a cup of black tea. Both Cayman and menemen very tubs for health because these foods provide sufficient energy intake for the day's activities. In addition kaymak made from milk are also good for the body, especially for protein and calcium. Menemen is a traditional native cappadocia breakfast menu, made from sliced tomatoes, onions, scrambled eggs, salt and pepper, cooked with a little olive oil. Buddy Tour to Turkey's Special menu although the original breakfast resident but not all hotels provide.

So I was very lucky because it was the hotel owner cooks Menemen for my morning breakfast menu, so feel at home alone.Turkish cuisine is very spicy and is flooded with fat, but tidak.Bahkan, very useful for tubuh.Untuk each dish using their spices in moderasi.Bumbu convey not only the taste, but also increase pencernaan.Masakan Turkey is ideal for vegetarians and people people who maintain a healthy mereka.Oleh since the tour to Turkey which is useful for people who want to clean up your stomach. breakfast menu, specialties Turkey is known as a scrambled egg or scrambled egg champion The difference with other scrambled egg, this one sprinkled with vegetables and served hot with bread. It is cooked with olive oil or sunflower oil. The dish is similar to shakshouka, which includes eggs, onion, tomato, green peppers, and spices such as ground black pepper, ground red pepper, salt and oregano.

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