Do’s and Don’ts To Your Storage Unit

The popularity of storage units is increasing at a fast pace. Being a safe and cost-effective option, both business entrepreneurs and homeowners are availing the services of storage facilities. However, while you rent storage units in Kalispell Montana, there are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. Have a look below to know more.

Make a list of to be stored items

Before you hire a storage unit, it is very important to make a list of belongings that you wish to store. This will help you to decide the size and type of unit you need. You would not wish to pay for a 15 x 20 unit when your items require relatively lesser space.

Pack Smart

While preparing for a move of your items, the idea of throwing your stuff carelessly into boxes may seem pretty appealing. This is only going to make things much harder for you later on. Keep in mind that you are the one who is going to unpack. To avoid the troubles of packing properly, you can invest in expert packing services even though this really is not necessary. For small things like books, clothes, and even pans and pots, cardboard boxes are your ideal storage tools.

It is sometimes possible to get free boxes from local businesses, but you should not count on them to pack all of your belongings.

Label The Storage Boxes Appropriately

Label your boxes on every side so that you can be able to determine their contents in any storage configuration. In addition to labeling based on contents inside, label each box as either “heavy” or “light” – this can come in handy later. It is also helpful to keep a list of how many boxes you have for each storage unit so that you do not lose track of any items. If you’re using climate controlled storage units, then you can also store sensitive items such as photographs and videotapes.

Disassemble Furniture For Easy Storage

Packing items that do not fit in boxes may be a little more complicated. To save on space, disassemble your furniture as much as you can, and wrap each piece using furniture pads to prevent exposure to dirt and scratches then label with masking tape and markers. If you have any leftover furniture from disassembly, you can store these in labeled bags.

Store Your Items In The Storage Unit Smartly

Now that you are done with packing, it is time to store your items, and storing smart is crucial as well. When arranging boxes and furniture in the storage unit, preserve a center aisle so that all your items are accessible easily. Place the things you use most often at the front of the storage unit. As you may have guessed, your “light” boxes can be kept on top, while the “heavy” boxes should be placed on the floor of the unit. For furniture, use blankets or towels to create buffer zones between each piece.

Make Sure That You Lock Your Storage Unit Before You Leave

Last, it is very crucial to make sure your storage unit locks before you leave. Storage units in Kalispell Montana are of high-quality and thus this should not be a problem. Furthermore, these storage facilities are well equipped with comprehensive video security. However, make sure always check that the lock on your unit has been shut securely.

Don’t store any food items

Food may rot attract creatures that infest and destroy not only your own storage unit but also an entire lot. Perhaps you might that think canned food is a safe bet, but even this should be avoided. In spite of what you might have heard, canned food also goes bad, and it may begin growing toxic bacteria. The cans burst eventually, which may lead to not only pests but also
a potential bio-hazard.

Don’t Forget To Cover Your Belongings

Some units are climate-controlled while others are not. Keep in mind that your property needs to be protected from moisture and dust moisture. Pack as many of your items as possible in boxes to prevent dust from settling on them. Large pieces of furniture can be covered with drop cloths or old sheets. If your storage unit is not climate controlled, DON’T use plastic to cover your items as it retains moisture.

Don’t forget to clean and dry appliances before you store them.

Books and other paper items need to absolutely dry before you pack them up, to prevent a mildew mess later. Line the box with plastic before packing to prevent the contents from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Use several small boxes rather than a few large ones if you have a lot of books. These boxes can get heavy fast when you are lifting them, and they may tend to split open. Your equipment and appliances are also vulnerable to mildew, particularly dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, and washers. Clean and dry these appliances before you put them in storage.

Don’t store any flammables or illegal items.

Fire is the main concern here, and thus all kinds of flammable liquids including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, turpentine, oil paints, motor oil, etc.) are not allowed, and usually by law as well as your rental contract. Also, illegal items such as drugs, stolen items, or any other property that is illegal to own should not be stored in a storage unit. You would want to check with the manager of your specific unit for a comprehensive list. If you are in doubt, just assume that you should not be putting it in your unit.

The most vital thing about having a storage unit is finding a reputable company in Kalispell Montana that is passionate about their business and cares about you and your property. Hard working and honest people with integrity are the right type of business owners to ensure that your property will be secure on their watch. When you find the best storage unit for your needs, follow the above do’s and don’ts for the best storage experience.